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Charles Monroe-Kane is a Peabody award-winning journalist with over 25 years of on-air radio  experience. Charles is a published author of numerous articles. His memoir, Lithium Jesus, was published by the University of Wisconsin Press.
Charles has been podcasting, editing, producing, and interviewing for the national show on public radio, To the Best of Our Knowledge, for 23 years.
In addition to radio, he hosted Wisconsin Pubic Television's Director's Cut for 5 years. And is a recording artist with A.M.P.-RECS - a music label based in Guadalajara México that focuses on electroacoustic and experimental works.
Charles believes in journalism through interviews, reporter pieces, nature guides, garden gnomes, storytelling, essays, poetry, and fiction.
He lives in Madison, Wisconsin.
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What happens when graffiti and music and spoken word poetry and live audio editing collide? You got it, art. 
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